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Sales Questionnaire Form
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1) Were the buyer and seller related by blood, marriage, or business relationship? No | Yes, Please Explain:
2) Were there unusual Circumstances or Conditions to the sale?
(forced sale by court order, foreclosure pending, distress sale, title defects,
unusual restrictions, partial ownership, short sale, ...)
No | Yes, Please Explain:
3) What was the Sale Price and Sale Date of the purchase? $ (mm/dd/yyyy)
4) Was there any Negotiation on the asking price? No | Yes, specify Asking Price: $
5) Was the Sale Financed? No
Yes: VA | FHA | Conventional | Seller Provided
6) Was the property Rented when purchased? No | Yes, specify Monthly Income: $
7) Does the buyer own any Adjoining Property? No | Yes
8) What will be the Primary Use of this property: Owner Occupied Residential | Seasonal
Income Producing Residential | Commercial
Industrial | Agricultural | Future Development
9) Were any Delinquent Taxes assumed by the purchaser? No | Yes, were they included in the Sale Price:
| Yes No
10) Was there any Personal Property included in the sale price?
(furniture, boats, machinery, business equipment, inventory, ...)
No | Yes, specify Total Value: $
Please List:
11) Were there any Intangible Factors included in the sale price?
(rezoning, site engineering, permitting, restrictions,...)
No | Yes, Please explain affect on Sale Price:
12) How was the Property Listed for Sale: Real Estate Broker:
Newspaper | Sign in Yard | Word of Mouth
eBay.com | Craigslist.com | Facebook.com
other Board or Web Forum:
13) If known, How Long was the property listed for sale? (please specify days, months, years, ...)
14) Was the property made available to other potential buyers? No | Yes
15) Are there any Environmental Problems with the property? No | Yes, Please Explain:
16) Has the buyer changed the property in any way since the date of purchase?
(additional buildings, room additions, porches, landscaping, remodeling, removed any improvements?, ...)
No | Yes, Please Explain:
17) Additional Information
(Use this area for any additional information that you may think would be helpful to us, and/or to ask us specific questions about this property):

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